What are you resisting…?!

A friend coached me many years ago when he said “resistance causes persistence” and I got it! And I have coached others with that same piece of advice. It’s powerful to see in different areas of our life where we are “resisting.” Let’s explore this concept for a minute!

A client once told me his teenage daughter was “resisting doing her homework” and so he would say to her “resistance causes persistence” (meaning the homework was not going away, so she might as well get to it!) and she got it, did the homework, stopped resisting, went on to college and is now wildly successful.

If you are resisting exercising, eating well, managing your time or being more effective at work, ask yourself “what exactly am I resisting?!” Are you hoping time will manage itself, or that you’ll always pick fruit over a donut, or that you’ll just leap out of bed wanting to exercise, or that your boss will not be so demanding? Is the issue “freedom” (or the lack thereof) or “fear of failure/rejection/the unknown” or just exactly what are you resisting??

Contact me for coaching in having those things that seem to persist, which you are struggling with, and with which you want a breakthrough. One-on-one coaching done via FACE TIME. It’s easy. And productive. Well worth your time and money.  Thank you, and please stay healthy!  Joan