Expected Results

Expected Results

“I must confess I was skeptical, but I am now a believer. Joan was able to build real trust with a group of hurt, angry and frustrated managers. I have also grown as a result of our working with her. I highly recommend her as a consultant, trainer and organizational-change agent.”

Dan Jette
Human ResourcesHuman Resources, U.S. Postal Service, Santa Ana District

“…Integrity is the most important attribute a person can have. I’ve learned so much about this from the coaching…”

Cheryl Creed
Business Development ManagerBusiness Development Manager, Berkley Industries

“…Joan coached us in a loving and rigorous manor during a very challenging episode in our industry and our company. I am quite clear we would not have survived that period without her support. I would unequivocally recommend LCI and Joan Smith to all people who desire to take themselves and their businesses to the next level.”

Richard Mason
PresidentPresident, New Millennium Financial

“…Your tools for communication expanded my ability to be successful in creating breakthrough results…I am a better person for it in all facets of my life…”

Deborah DeMaddalena
Executive V.PExecutive V.P, MicroGeneral

“The leadership Joan offers has allowed me personally to break through many barriers in the business area including: salary, dealing with difficult personalities, team work and personal leadership. Joan has a tremendous store of knowledge in the area of personal growth, leadership and group dynamics…”

Terry Kristiansen
Manager, International TrainingManager, International Training, Toshiba

“I call it the ‘Joan’ Award!” –February, 2012
– Cindy S. Giambrone, PharmD won the Gold 2011 US General Medicines Business Excellence Award for Innovation!

“…I was the only one to be promoted from my team this round…Thank you for the coaching!” –May, 2007
– Cindy S. Giambrone, PharmD
Regional Account Scientific Director, Novartis
Currently – Medical Managed Care Director, Medical Affairs, Genzyme

Cindy S. Giambrone
Excellence Award WinnerExcellence Award Winner, Novartis

“…The coaching helped me move my management and communication skills to the next level (Director to VP).
This has not only helped me professionally, by giving me tools and knowledge to build a more effective team at work, but also personally with my family relationships….You have clearly helped me discover things about myself that were keeping me from taking control over my life…”

Brian Hoshiko
VP of Production SystemsVP of Production Systems, Emida

“…Through Joan’s coaching to our Senior Executives, our leaders have achieved “Breakthrough Performance” by increasing their responsibilities globally, and have achieved superior results. In 2008 we extended this program to reach out to more leaders in the company, and have trained many of our line and staff leaders as well, through seminars and follow-up coaching sessions. The coaching sessions are highly regarded and utilized by the participants. It has also provided the team to communicate in a ‘common language’ for achieving breakthrough results in the company…”

Manu Gopinath
Director Of Human ResourceDirector Of Human Resource, UST Global

“…I have been able to re-look at myself and transform into the leader I envision myself to be. I believe that I achieved the results that we wrote on our contract and beyond…”

Krishna Sudheendra

“…You helped me create a clearer vision for my business. Not only was I able to increase my personal production, but my office’s production and profitability increased as well…your coaching also helped me in creating better relationships with my family, friends, and co-workers…”

Robert Burns
Senior V.P. Branch ManagerSenior V.P. Branch Manager, A.G. Edwards

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