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Our Mission Statement

LCI’s mission is to contribute to people, to inspire and empower them to make a difference and be true to their vision in life.  As we move forward in the 21st century, we empower both men and women to work in harmony and be fully self-expressed as Global Leaders.  LCI is committed to altering the culture of the business world – from one of frustration, urgency, and reaction to one of joy, communication, integrity, and responsibility.  By listening FOR commitment, we train and develop leaders to produce extraordinary results.  We are partners in having others step out, be bold and audacious, and take action!  We allow ourselves to be inspired by the diversity of humankind – our relationships are a gift from God.  We manage our lives with integrity, and have our work be profitable and well thought of by everyone with whom we come into contact.

Services Provided by LCI

Custom-Designed Programs

Design to meet the specific needs of your organization!

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One-on-One Coaching

For individuals committed to pursuing ongoing growth and development for themselves and their organization.

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Partners Coaching

For business partners, those who are married and working together, or for those who are on a team in a professional relationship who want to improve the quality of their work.

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Speaking Engagements, Short-Term Coaching, Board/Staff Retreats

Speaking Engagements, Short-Term Coaching, Board/Staff Retreats

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We are making a difference in the world
with business owners, executives and managers,
in how they get inspired,
act, and communicate.

Custom-Designed Programs

Unique programs are designed for each company.

One-on-One Coaching

For individuals committed to pursuing ongoing growth.

Partners Coaching

For business partners or teams in professional relationships.

Special Services

Speaking Engagements, Short-Term Coaching,
Board/Staff Retreats

Our Publications

She is excited about making this affordable and available to everyone. Please share this with your friends and colleagues, and let’s make a difference in the world using these tips.

Through her coaching clients learn the difference between efficiency and effectiveness. Sometimes we are very efficient, but not very effective. Our effectiveness in any area of our life is a function of who we are BEING when we’re DOING whatever it is we do. This book is about empowering you to BE extraordinary. It’s about bringing the commitment you have for your future into your life now.

Think of each of the 52 chapters as a tip, or tool, or building block.  Here are three of the “Tips of the Week” you could begin working on right now:

#12Ask people “what’s great about your life? — This is an easy thing to do any time, anywhere. Share positive things that are happening. If someone says “pass” encourage them to say something (i.e,, the lung capacity to speak!”) and to appreciate the greatness around them!

#26Learn something new. — Challenge yourself every week—whether with a computer program, a cooking class, a finance seminar, or whatever has a glimmer of interest to you. By learning something new, your ability to lead will grow.

#52Stop procrastinating. — Stop procrastinating. Jump in. Get out of the “grandstands,” and onto the “court.” The first is a way to “observe” and there is really no value in that place. The second is alive and full of possibility, vitality, and creativity. Start big projects and carry them through to completion. It’s the joy in jumping in that will inspire you to produce breakthrough results.

Producing Unprecedented Breakthrough Results


In 2002 Joan wrote Building Blocks for Breakthrough Results which is for people who are interested in making a significant difference in the workplace while, at the same time, having balance in their personal life. As a business and personal coach, motivational speaker, educator, and businesswoman for over forty years, Joan has been helping people be more accountable and responsible in the workplace. Out of her coaching, people find themselves more expressive, self-confident, and creative. Many of her clients triple their income from their work together.

In May, 2015, Joan updated and revised her book, Building Blocks for Breakthrough Results, and put it in an electronic format, which is now available on Kindle.

Other Publications:

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Here’s the link: http://wau.org/archives/article/supported_by_the_saints/

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