I have discovered leadership is a function of VISION and enrolling others in that vision.  People come alive and get inspired and take actions when they share their vision.  Plenty of examples over the last 150 years:  John F. Kennedy, Martin Luther King, Gandhi, Abraham Lincoln, Mother Teresa, Franklin D. Roosevelt, Winston Churchill.  All people we know, because they are “public figures,” but what about the people in YOUR life who have empowered you in your vision, and are not “public figures?”  (I can think of several people who hired me in my ’20’s who made a profound impact in my work/career.)  What opportunities did they give you?  Did you become more fully self-expressed, energetic, enthusiastic?  Who have you enrolled in your vision during your lifetime?  What did you share when you spoke about your vision?!  And how did people respond to you?

My next zoom will give you an opportunity to share, explore, articulate your VISION.  Consider how your life unfolded because of your VISION–with work opportunities, health, relationships, etc.!

“Where there is no vision, the people perish.”–Proverbs 29:18