Custom-Designed Programs
Design to meet the specific needs of your organization!
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One-on-One Coaching
For individuals committed to pursuing ongoing growth and development for themselves and their organization.
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Partners Coaching
For business partners, those who are married and working together, or for those who are on a team in a professional relationship who want to improve the quality of their work.
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Speaking Engagements, Short-Term Coaching, Board/Staff Retreats
Speaking Engagements, Short-Term Coaching, Board/Staff Retreats
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“I must confess I was skeptical, but I am now a believer. Joan was able to build real trust with a group of hurt, angry and frustrated managers. I have also grown as a result of our working with her. I highly recommend her as a consultant, trainer and organizational-change agent.”

Dan Jette
Human ResourcesHuman Resources, U.S. Postal Service, Santa Ana District

“…Integrity is the most important attribute a person can have. I’ve learned so much about this from the coaching…”

Cheryl Creed
Business Development ManagerBusiness Development Manager, Berkley Industries

“…Joan coached us in a loving and rigorous manor during a very challenging episode in our industry and our company. I am quite clear we would not have survived that period without her support. I would unequivocally recommend LCI and Joan Smith to all people who desire to take themselves and their businesses to the next level.”

Richard Mason
PresidentPresident, New Millennium Financial